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Towards intense attosecond pulses from solid targets: High order harmonic generation using small-scale lasers Séminaires SPAM LFP
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24/05/2007 à 11:00
LIDYL Bât 522, p 138 CEA-Saclay
Alexander TARASEVITCH - Institut fuer Experimentelle Physik, Universitaet Duisburg-Essen
High order harmonic generation (HOHG) from solids is the promising tool for the production of intense attosecond pulses. In this context different regimes of HOHG will be discussed. By changing the pump intensity and target parameters the transition to relativistic HOHG is demonstrated. The sharp focusing of high quality pump pulses allows to achieve relativistic intensities using moderate laser energies. Simulations show that with proper spectral filtering of the observed harmonics attosecond pulses can be produced. For future applications it is very important that the harmonics are well-collimated. We present the dependence of the HOHG on the plasma scale length and two-colour HOHG which can be advantageous for the attosecond pulse generation.