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Vibrational and photoionization spectroscopy of biomolecules amino acid structures Séminaires SPAM LFP
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21/05/2008 à 11:00
LIDYL Bât 522, p 138 CEA-Saclay
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Elliot R. BERNSTEIN - Department of Chemistry Colorado State University
Single photon VUV ionization is employed in conjunction with IR vibrational spectroscopy to determine the structure of neutral alcohols, acids, and various clusters. The technique is applied to a number of amino acids that do not have readily accessible UV transitions for multiphoton ionization. The amino acids and clusters generate IR spectra that can be used to describe their structure qualitatively. Data for (CH3OH)n, n=1,…7, aniline (CH3OH)1, and glycine, valine, leucine, and isoleucine are presented. The neutral amino acids have conformational dependent spectra and ion fragmentation patterns that can be interpreted and related.