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Reaction Dynamics Group

Head of the group: Lionel Poisson


The reaction dynamics group associates experimentalists and theoreticians to unravel the dynamics of out-of-equilibrium systems, either isolated in the gas phase or bound to clusters. The aim is to identify and to model which forces are at play within these system. This activity refers to a salient direction in reaction dynamics, which considers systems with many degrees of freedom, electronic or geometrical, internal or external. One of the conceptual frameworks in our work is to understand how an apparently very complex dynamics can reduce to fairly simple behaviors along a limited number of pertinent coordinates.




The choice of systems under study is guided by two objectives:

  1. Illustrate an especially important concept: for instance the role played by intermediate electronic energy states when an excess electronic and vibrational energy is relaxed, or the multidimensional access to the transition state of a reaction.
  2. Carry attention to systems of large practical interest:  photochromic molecules or carbon nanotubes for instance.

These questions are addressed by three research teams. A large interconnection exist between them although each of them has a large autonomy and responsability:

DYNAFEMTO - Ultrafast Dynamics of Electronically Excited Species

GOUTTELIUM - Reaction Dynamics in Helium Droplets

FeC-Cluster - Theoretical Modeling of Nano-structures