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Foldamères / Projet LaLiFold
Michel Mons - Eric Gloaguen

The "LaLiFold" project for « LAser LIght on FOLDamers » (founded by the InterLabEx 2012 Call) concerns the conception and the characterization of biomimetic molecules. It involves organic chemists (group of D. Aitken, ICMMO, Paris-Sud University) and gas phase physical chemists (SBM in LFP, and Anne Zehnacker’s group, ISMO, Paris-Sud University).



The project focuses on the structure of foldamers, synthetic peptidic oligomers  designed  to obtain specific folding properties (capable of  forming helices, for example), and to mimic a protein fragment. The goal is to characterize the intramolecular interactions shaping these molecules as precisely as possible in the gas phase using laser spectroscopy. Information collected this way on these small peptides will allow us to direct efficiently the synthesis efforts towards  those systems larger, having the most interesting structural properties for the targeted applications.