Laboratoire Francis PERRIN
This website is no more mainteined. See LIDYL or NIMBE
Reaction Dynamics Group

The emergence of new lasers and the introduction of new technologies in the laboratory are opportunity to develop optics, instrumentation and signal processing in order to maintain our state-of-the-art tools and devices. We do not forget the possibilities of valuing these developments. We are particularly interested in developments in:

  1. optics: fs puse tunability - development of achromatic doubling coupled with a NOPA on the LUCA laser server (O. Gobert group PHI) allowing the tunability of the pump in time-resolved experiments
  2. Instrumentation: study of transient supersonic jet / effusive jet
  3. Signal Processing: decomposition of a sequance of photoelectron spectra in collaboration with the ICUBE/IMAGeS Group

Furthermore, we develop the LV_pBASEX Abel image inversion software and distribute licenses to research groups around the world.