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Arylcetones ionization dynamics
Contact: Marc-André Gaveau

Photoionization of Benzophenone in the Gas Phase: Theory and Experiment

N. Khemiri, S. Messaoudi, M. Abderrabba, G. Spighi, M. A. Gaveau, M. Briant, B. Soep, J. M. Mestdagh, M. Hochlaf and L. Poisson

J. Phys. Chem. A, 119, 6148, 2015 [doi]

We report on the single photoionization of jet-cooled benzophenone using a tunable source of VUV synchrotron radiation coupled with a photoion/photoelectron coincidence acquisition device. The assignment and the interpretation of the spectra are based on a characterization by ab initio and density functional theory calculations of the geometry and of the electronic states of the cation. The absence of structures in the slow photoelectron spectrum is explained by a congestion of the spectrum due to the dense vibrational progressions of the very low frequency torsional mode in the cation either in pure form or in combination bands. Also a high density of electronic states has been found in the cation. Presently, we estimate the experimental adiabatic and vertical ionization energy of benzophenone at 8.80 +/- 0.01 and 8.878 +/- 0.005 eV, respectively. The ionization energy as well as the energies of the excited states are compared to the calculated ones.