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Interation of a Van-der-Waals Complex with a Bosonic fluid
Contact: Marc Briant

Large amplitude motion of the acetylene molecule within acetylene-neon complexes hosted in helium droplets

M. Briant, E. Mengesha, P. de Pujo, M. A. Gaveau, B. Soep, J. M. Mestdagh and L. Poisson

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 18, 16414, 2016 [doi]

Superfluid helium droplets provide an ideal environment for spectroscopic studies with rotational resolution. Nevertheless, the molecular rotation is hindered because the embedded molecules are surrounded by a non-superfluid component. The present work explores the dynamical role of this component in the hindered rotation of C2H2 within the C2H2-Ne complex. A HENDI experiment was built and near-infrared spectroscopy of C2H2 -Ne and C2H2 was performed in the spectral region overlapping the v3/v2 + v4 + v5Fermi-type resonance of C2H2. The comparison between measured and simulated spectra helped to address the above issue.